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Click on an image to open  Movie ..  Then click on arrow in movie.
If a movie isnt playing on your i-phone after 2 minutes..  then you may need to find a free 
WIFI  Hot Spot
McDonalds, Starbucks, Airports, Bookstores, Hotels, Coffee houses, resturants and more...
i-phone Required for viewing these movies OR on your PC use either a Free Safari Browser  or a  movie QuickTime player  
Johnny Bones i-phone
Tucson, AZ
 We didnt Start the Fire
 James C Stark
Independence, KS

3-stooges " ART"  55 min
Public Domain
Charlie Chaplin "Livin "
Public Domain
Carol Burnett iphone 
ISS & Shuttle wifi

   Water 4 Gas Meyers i-phone
  Florida 2007 i-phone
Magician!  i-phone  
Vegas, NV

 Kan  Rock Climb  i-phone
  Kan Rock climb 3 i-phone
  Kan Rock climb  2  i-phone
  Rock climb 4   i-phone
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MidWay Island
WW2 ...Public Domain
ISS & Shuttle  iphone
Time  i-phone  
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