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Legacy  ($200)

$200 Interviews will normally last up to 30+  minutes. Includes basic questions of your name, birth date, background and talking points you want to emphasize.  

The interview will be edited down to 10 - 15 minutes for production and will be produced, published on the GraceTime Project Web site and others. DVDs $25 extra. Addition of pictures extra.  Rate of $150 Available to groups of 10+


Silver  ($375 +)


Gold ($500 +)

    Basic  Interview ($275 value)

Longer  Interview, DVD & Q-code

     Custom fit to your needs!

Includes all Legacy basic features plus a  60 minute Interview.

Up to 70 each pictures along with video interview included in the editing of video production. Digital production of your unique story. 3 ea DVD copies of Interview / production final compile.

 Q-Code Internet address print of your story made available for linking. Includes DVD case

Your story indexed on GraceTime.com and others.

Price can vary depending on your need.

Includes all features of Silver Offer

Plus personal custom edited production of your story.. Including up to  150 of your select photos with text, audio or video recorded explanation of each…  

OR  You record a audio / video interview with your favourite loved one (up to 1 ea hour long).. Getting names, places, dates and photos where possible .  GraceTime will then edit and produce a custom production for you to include all features of the silver offer less interview time.

Call for custom quote.




“Everyone Is Someone and all have a story to be told.”  		 The GraceTime ® Project

      c. R. Kelly

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